The miracle of sleep

You spend almost a third of your life in bed, so the conditions you do this under are obviously crucial. The most important setting for your nightly regeneration is the bedroom, and more specifically your bed. The natural materials that surround you in your bed are responsible for ensuring the best possible regeneration.

A part of this natural cocoon, ensuring your comfort, and ideal support for the body and spine, is the DEMKO® BioSystem, incorporating a customised, comfortable and versatile bed base and insert.    
Our wool bed set (under-blanket, blanket and pillow) is made from pure lambswool. It is washable, cleanable, and of guaranteed quality.      
The wide range of high quality guaranteed DEMKO® FEDER Wool and Cashmere sets (on display in our showrooms), meet the most exacting of requirements.

Items in the set:

  1. The under blanket, which is placed over the mattress. Size: 90x200 cm
  2. The over blanket. Size: 130x200 cm
  3. The ergonomically optimised pillow of the right size. Size: 40x80 cm or 40x50 cm

The sets can be ordered together or item-by-item, or mixed and matched!

The DEMKO® FEDER range excels not only in terms of the variety on offer, but also in its uniqueness (for example, silver-thread DEMKO® wool!), as well as the quality, durability and dependability of our products.

Daytime luxury

The DEMKO® range of wool accessories offer the night-time benefits of wool during the day too. Using our products can help make your everyday life more harmonious, painless and problem-free. Certain medicines could even become unnecessary. Switching to wool is an important step towards achieving a better quality of life.

Our staff will be happy to provide you with all the information and assistance you need to choose from our rich selection of products. Our customers love using our products as much as we love making them.

DEMKO® wool is a masterpiece of nature and a protector of health!