2012 was another successful year!

We are proud to announce that thanks to the unwavering commitment of our customers and partners, the DEMKO FEDER® brand has once again received MAGYARBRANDS status.

In our experience more and more customers are choosing to buy products from Hungarian companies, and this strengthens efforts to promote local trade.

We are proud that our professionally trained staff and our faith in the high quality of our services have once again been recognised in this way.

Thank you!


De-Span Kft.




DEMKO FEDER® brand awarded MAGYARBRANDS status

DE-SPAN Kft, owner of the DEMKO® FEDER brand and official manufacturer and distributor of its products, is happy to announce that in 2011 the DEMKO® FEDER brand was awarded MagyarBrands status, alongside its existing Superbrands title.

In 2011, the Superbrands judging panel assessed Hungarian brands for the second time. Based on objective company data (tradition, ownership, management, employment) and the subjective verdict of the Superbrands panel of independent judges (reputation, identity, recognition), DEMKO® FEDER  is considered to be a bona fide Hungarian brand, and was also judged to be worthy of a place among the TOP 150 consumer brands.

The judging panel and management of Superbrands Hungary see it as increasingly important to devote special attention to local products, which is why they launched the MagyarBrands program in 2010. This year was the second in which the list of leading Hungarian brands was published.

The aim of the program is to raise the profile of local products. More and more, Hungarian consumers want their purchases to contribute to the development of local businesses, and thus to the growth of Hungary’s economy.

The aim of the MagyarBrands program is to recognise brands that are worthy representatives of Hungarian enterprise, both at home and abroad.

MagyarBrands status is awarded to local brands whose products and services are synonymous, in both the domestic and international markets, with values that embody reliability and quality for consumers.

The brands participating in the program – similarly to the Superbrands program – are chosen by a panel of specialists, who provide their services on a voluntary basis. Brands that win MagyarBrands status are selected from the database of registered trademarks and from among brands that apply to be assessed.

The judges in the MagyarBrands program have developed a scoring system based on all the factors that play a part in determining whether a brand can be regarded as truly Hungarian, and successful. The MagyarBrands score is the weighted average of indicators relating to seven different aspects.

The MagyarBrands award is a testament to the success of the DEMKO® FEDER brand, the professional expertise of DE-SPAN KFT’s staff and our customer focus, our wealth of experience relating to sleep and furniture manufacturing, our expertise and commitment. We are proud to display the MagyarBrands 2011 logo!

We owe a debt of thanks to all our employees, our thousands of satisfied customers, all of our business partners, and to everyone else who has contributed to making DEMKO® FEDER into a MagyarBrand!



Hotel Line wins the Hungarian Product Grand Prize

An important part of our hotel furnishing business line is the design, manufacture and installation of furniture for hotel rooms. We offer a diverse range of DEMKO®  products so you can always find the best combination of price, quality and product type, naturally taking your individual needs into account.    

You dream it, we’ll make it a reality!

The furnishings, beds, mattresses and textiles of over a thousand hotel rooms, and the multitude of satisfied guests, bear witness to the high quality of work performed by DEMKO® FEDER’s specialists. Besides quality, we regard durability and value for money as essential requirements.



DEMKO FEDER® brand awarded Superbrands status in 2011.

This year was the seventh in which the Specialist Judging Panel of Superbrands Hungary presented the Superbrands awards.

We were happy to learn that, based on the panel’s decision, the DEMKO® FEDER brand was awarded Superbrands status in 2011.

This accolade is awarded to brands that could serve as an example for participants in the Hungarian market who aspire to develop and learn more about how to build a successful brand. We believe that our receiving this title not only provides our customers with reassurance, but also affirms their choices of bedroom furniture and accessories.

The award comes as confirmation that our products are among the best of their kind. The judging panel presenting the award consists of recognised specialists from the sector, and their decision is a testament to our brand’s success. Superbrand status is granted purely on the basis of professional criteria, as it is not possible to request or apply for the award.

Superbrands is the world’s largest brand evaluation system, with panels of specialist in 87 countries selecting the leading brands on the basis of uniform criteria. The Brand Council, which was established in the United Kingdom in 1995, now operates in 87 countries. In each country it sets up an independent and voluntary panel of judges, whose main task is to ensure that only the most deserving brands can receive Superbrand status. The members of the expert judging panel base their assessment of the brands on the following principles: “A Superbrand has established the finest reputation in its field. It offers customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over its competitors, which customers want and recognise.”

The judging panel’s decision comes as further recognition of the success of the DEMKO® FEDER brand to date, the outstanding professional knowledge of our employees and our customer focus, our wealth of experience in relation to sleep culture and furniture manufacturing, and our expertise and commitment. We are proud to display the Superbrands 2011 logo!

We owe a debt of thanks to all of our employees, our several thousand satisfied customers, all of our business partners, and to everyone else who has contributed to making DEMKO® FEDER into a Superbrand!