Past – Present – Future

Please allow us to give you an insight into the natural world of DEMKO® FEDER, with the following brief history of our company.

Far from being unattainable luxury items, DEMKO® FEDER’s products offer the essential health benefits and quality of a trusted and well-known Hungarian brand, at a price that is within the reach of most people today. Our superior quality proprietary DEMKO® BioSystem bedroom furniture, organic textiles, wool and cashmere products have taken the Hungarian and European markets by storm in the past 20 years. This success results from the coordinated efforts and hard work of interior designers, doctors, natural healers, engineers and a team of highly skilled workers.

The intellectual property rights associated with DEMKO® FEDER products, together with the exclusive right to use the brand name, were acquired by DE-SPAN Kft. on 28 June 2010.



The two companies have much in common, both in their past and present, as DE-SPAN Kft. is also a family-run business with a history stretching back almost two decades. Drawing on decades of experience, we have grown to become one of the leading furniture industry companies in the region. Our team of 35 employees works tirelessly to ensure our success.

The DEMKO® FEDER brand is synonymous with the manufacturing of quality products, and a high quality of sleep. Creating a natural and healthy home environment is essential in order to lead a balanced life and have an active career. Our mission is to help you achieve this. We aim to maintain this philosophy and standard of manufacturing, and to further improve the quality of the service we offer through the production of DEMKO® products.

If you’d like to know more, we’d be delighted to show you how we can make your home a cosier, more comfortable place for you and your family.