DEMKO® Special Support Frame

Essential for effective support

The special support frame has been developed on the basis of extensive structural research. Extensive structural research has gone into developing the special support frame, which boosts the effectiveness of the slatted insert by 30% through its efficient action when the lower row of slats, resting on the longitudinal batons, are placed under load. The support frame can be fitted with a motorised head and foot height adjuster, as well as special lifting supports.


DEMKO® Special Slatted Insert

A cradle for the spine

The double-row slatted insert is made from beech wood using special technology. Between the two rows of slats, running the length of the insert, are three or more flexible pads. The slatted insert conforms perfectly to contours of the body, supporting the spine evenly at every point. The spinal discs and bony vertebrae are held in the optimal position, tension is reduced, and the formation of harmful stress points is avoided. This makes it an excellent means of preventing or treating lumbar pain and other forms of back pain and disease. The exceptional properties of the double-row slatted insert make this an unmatched sleep product.